Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Final Day of Adventuring

I ate a scorpion. It was scary. Oddly enough I didn’t think the scorpion tasted that bad, but what was bad was trying to swallow something that I was afraid of. Despite all the willing there was a point that I was very worried that no matter how much I willed my body wasn’t going to let it go down. For the normal, sane people of the world I will inform you that scorpions taste salty and crunchy with a bit of another taste to it. It truly wasn’t that bad, except for the fact that you could feel the legs and body in your mouth. YUCK! I am sure that you will have a good laugh when you see the video of me trying to eat it.

In addition to getting number 5 off my goal list (eat a scorpion), I also got number 13 off! (Buy a book in Chinese and try to read it) The book of choice: The Disney Princesses’ stories. I thought it would be a good book because not only do I know the stories, but as everyone knows I also love Disney. That makes the only thing that I didn’t check off my list to be number 4, understand my teacher. I would beg to differ though to anyone who tries to argue with me that I didn’t complete that item. As some of you may know, towards the end of the trip I decided that it was more beneficial for me to explore the streets of China by myself instead of attend class. With this switch, the people on the streets and in the market place became my teachers. Seeing that I had conversations with them and understood what they said, I think it is safe to say that I completed my goal list! Good thing too since today was my last chance to accomplish them!

Here is a video of me attempting to eat the scorpion. I know I am laughing at myself when I watch this movie! Sorry about the focus of the video, filming wasn't really our priority right then.We had much smaller, possibly dangerous things to conquer right then..

Also my mom asked what a subway in Beijing can look like. It was AWFUL today! I felt like 1.3 billion people were at the subway this evening.

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