Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Walking Back Through History

Today I felt like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris. I felt as if I had magically transported back in time. I was walking through one of the circles of the Forbidden City when I realized that this courtyard was the largest empty space that I had seen in China! It made me wonder why, and my wondering lead me to imagine the courtyard filled with the Chinese army all decked out in costume (thanks to the movie Hero which we watched in class). As I was looking down at the uneven bricks that floored the courtyard trying not to loose my balance and wondered if any of the soldiers positioned far in one of the back lines (where I was standing) had been looking down at their feet and scuffing these stones, were some more worn than others because the soldier standing there was bored? Although I doubt it, the idea was an interesting one to consider when I was walking.

The day was unbearably hot and humid, a great day to choose to walk around for three hours. Despite dying from dehydration, I really enjoyed today. My dad was right, exploring by yourself can be enjoyable. I got to go directly to where I wanted to go, the center of the Forbidden City, and see where the queen lived. It was weird to imagine what this place was like back then, but it kept my mind very preoccupied while I had to shove my way through the tightest crowds I have ever been in. A high school dance couldn’t even come close to this type of crowd.

Lauren Savett starring in Daytime in Beijing

The inner city for the Queen. Sorry its blurry, there was dirty glass in between.

The giant courtyard. Can you imagine all the soldiers?

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