Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Every Day Here Feels Like Two

Each day here feels like it is two days. On the first day I legitimately looked at my dress and didn't understand why I wore it two days in a row. It took me a few seconds before I realized that the "full day" we had "yesterday" was really that morning. There is so much going on and it is hard to decide what should be my priority. Exploring, studying, having fun? Too much to do! To add another thing to the list of things to do, the NYU program at Peking University added a trip outside the city to an art festival for tomorrow. We just had our fist day of class and now we are going on a two night trip!

One thing that was surprising was that Chines women only wear wedges. (It just seems this way, but it is like tennis shoes for guys. Nearly everyone wears them.) At first I thought that they must be crazy, but after purchasing my own pair I think they are geniuses. Somehow the "comfortable" walking shoes that I had don't come close to these wedges. Although I am in 3 inch heels, the bottom of my feet rarely hurt and there are no hot spots. None. I think the American shoe companies have some learning to do.

In some ways I feel that China is not that different from America, but it is also vastly different. For example, when I went to buy shoes at the market, I was fully overwhelmed. In America when we go shopping we enter one store, look at their things, and take it in. In China, there is NO room to take it in. The individual "stores"/stalls are smashed next to each other in a giant room all selling different shoes. I don't think I saw one shoe being sold in two places. It was incredibly overwhelming. Beware of the electronics area, it is even more intense!

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