Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July in Beijing

Who would expect 4th of July in China to be a night to remember? Last night I fell through a rabbit hole that took me to American instead of Wonderland. When we walked down the stairs into this underground pizzeria, we felt as if we were back home. The place was swarming with Americans all full-heartedly celebrating the 4th of July. People were even singing "Happy Birthday" to America. A friend from Berkeley is going to ROTC study abroad in Beijing and his friends joined up with my group. As you can assume, they were very patriotic! We even had an American flag that a guy from the Navy brought and displayed for all to see. One of my favorite moments in China may be when we were leaving. The ROTC guys on their way out started singing the National Anthem and the whole place joined in. It felt so ironic to be singing the National Anthem in a bar, which seemed straight out of New York, in the middle of China!

And to think just couple of days earlier I was witnessing the 90th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party in Tiananmen Square!

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