Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Days in Beijing

The Peking University and the Summer Palace

With my roomie at Peking University.
It is so beautiful here!

Just a view of the city on a walking bridge.

Amazing cake in a bakery right near my dorm.
Check out the details of the classic mountain scene it the frosting!
Notice the birds flying in the sunset...

Cake #2.

Goal #3 (to add to goals from first entry):
Eat one of these beautiful cakes before leaving!

Shopping malls don't compare at all. In America, we just have one store, minimum amount of items. There you have a layout that gives Walmart a run for its money (so it feels) with each individual "shop" and you just don't know where to look!
Bought a pair of shoes that FIT here! Alert the news! Lauren has finally found shoes that fit her! I may just have to move to China so I can wear shoes that fit for once in my adulthood.

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