Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Peking Duck

Yesterday I ate the famous Peking duck. Even though I don’t normally eat duck, it is likely that this meal was the best I have had in China. It was quite an experience. Before they slice the duck for serving, they bring it out to you and present it. The only thing is that if you didn’t know that they were presenting the ducks to you, then you would have no idea what was going on. The waiters would walk out. Stop (as if they were confused) and then turn around and walk back to the kitchen. At that point our table was very hungry so this display created a  “What? What? WHERE IS THE FOOD GOING!!” reaction. Did you know that in China when you eat a duck they give you an ID tag for the duck you specifically had? I guess it is to prove that what you are eating is a legitimate duck, but at the same time everything is counterfeit here so I don’t know if people can take an ID card as genuine proof.. 

Our incredible meal.

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