Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Quite Dancing In The Rain

This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed only to find that it was nearly dark from the torrential downpour of rain mixed with the heavy Beijing air. Thinking I would be oh-so-wise, I decided to wear my tennis shoes so my feet would be dry. Great thinking there. I had forgotten that Beijing has some of the worst roads when it comes to dealing with rain. The week in Santa Barbara where they almost had to close the high school due to flooding is nothing in comparison to this. During my short walk of five minutes I had to walk through lakes of water, submerging my shoes that were supposed to "keep" my feet dry. When we got to class we discovered that not only were we missing our teacher, but so was another class. For the first forty minutes we took turns being the teacher. So lesson learned, if your going to Beijing and you ever want your feet dry you will have no choice but to wear rain boots. Good luck with the humidity.

Note: Surprisingly wedges help with puddles because they have the capability of keeping your feet above the water.

Me during one of the million rainy adventures home.

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